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Unlock Code For Samsung - J3,J5,A5 - 2017, A8  - Meteor Vodafone Tesco 3 Ireland

Unlock Code For Samsung - J3,J5,A5 - 2017, A8 - Meteor Vodafone Tesco 3 Ireland

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SAMSUNG FACTORY UNLOCK CODES ALL UK / IRELAND NETWORKS ALL MODELS SUPPORTED UNLOCK TIME: 1 - 6 hours if you submit imei before 4 p.m ( in some cases unlock time can take up to 24 hours ) Orderes submitted after 4 p.m will be processed next day from 10 p.m.Orderes submitted on Saturday after 3 p.m will be processed on Monday. Orderes submitted on sunday will be processed on Monday. IMPORTANT: TO UNLOCK YOUR MOBILE PHONE WE NEED AN IMEI NUMBER AND PHONE MODEL. IMEI ( EXAMPLE: 3554xxxxxxxxxxx ) YOU CAN OBTAIN IMEI NUMBER BY TYPING *#06# ON PHONE`S KEYPAD. HOW CAN I KNOW IF MY PHONE CAN BE UNLOCKED OR NOT ? You must determine yourself if your handset can be unlocked before purchasing as this money cannot be refunded if you did not check first. The easiest way to do this is to insert a sim-card of a different network provider that your phone is not locked to. If your phone ask or prompts for a network pin or unlock code this means your phone is supported for unlocking with a code. It is our terms and conditions that factory codes are not refundable. It is the policy of our supplier that by no means can codes be returned for any reason. Unlimited assistance can be given to help resolve issues with errors and bugs. Also if the phone is blacklisted the code will be of little use to the buyer as the phone will still likely not work on local networks. We cannot be held liable for codes that do not work because of phones being blacklisted or any other error. By making this purchase you acknowledge the code cannot be returned or refunded. We hope that our reputation and reviews of past purchases will bring you the reassurance you need to know that you will receive your phones accurate unlocking code from the factory database. PLEASE SEND THE REQUIRED DETAILS DURING A PAYMENT PROCESS OR AFTER PURCHASE BY EITHER: 1) MESSAGE ON PAYPAL PAYMENT2) EBAY MESSAGE I AM UNABLE TO PROVIDE A CODE FOR YOU IF NO DETAILS PROVIDED. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ? UNLOCK TIME: 1 - 6 hours if you submit imei before 4 p.m ( maximum time 24 hours ) HOW DO I ENTER MY CODE ? Instructions are included with your code: IS IT SAFE?Yes - providing the information given by you is accurate your code WILL be correct. WHAT IF MY CODE DOES NOT WORK? It will...but in the very unlikely event it does not an full refund will be given (but I will require FULL video evidence of the unlock failure) WHAT IF AM UNABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR CODE?If I am unable to provide you with your unique unlock code - you will be notified and refunded immediately this is known with a full explanation. WILL MY CODE ENABLE THE USE OF MY PHONE ON ANOTHER NETWORK IF MY PHONE IS BLOCKED or BARRED ON ANOTHER? NO - This is an UNLOCK code and will not UNBLOCK a phone - enabling a phone to be used again after it has been blocked or barred is ILLEGAL and will not be undertaken nor any questioned answered on this matter. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY ORDER?Please do not immediately assume you have been “ripped off”, “duped” or “scammed” – I, being human, sometime make mistakes (as do customers) – BEFORE jumping onto eBay to open a case, leave negative feedback or just send rude messages – CONTACT ME (in a reasonable manner please) and I will resolve. If you do not inform me of any issues – how can I possibly be expected to resolve? CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER ?Unfortunately once the order has been submitted the service cannot be cancelled or amended as we spent our money already by submitting your order to our supplier. It can be cancelled after 3 working days if a code will not be provided to you within this time frame. HOW WILL I GET MY CODE ?A code will be sent to you by email or ebay messaging. WHO CAN BUY OUR SERVICE ?For security reasons, only buyers whose ebay account is older than 6 month old and feedback score is higher than 20, can buy this service.If you do not much this criteria, please contact us first before buying our service otherwise your order will be cancelled and your payment wil be refunded.

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