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STROFT® GTM Monofilament Fishing Line 130m 0.03 - 0.45mm / 0.25 - 17.5 kg

STROFT® GTM Monofilament Fishing Line 130m 0.03 - 0.45mm / 0.25 - 17.5 kg

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Prix: 7.95 GBP (10.52 USD)

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STROFT® GTM Monofilament Fishing Line 130m 0.03 - 0.45mm / 0.25 - 17.5 kg STROFT GTM is the number 1 monofilament fishing line (refers to the test report in the American fishing magazine "Fly Fisherman"). The TÜV in Munich (Germanys leading standards organisation) confirmed that STROFT GTM was the best line tested. The main aim of the tuning process that STROFT GTM undergoes is to maximise the line’s breaking strain whilst improving its highly elastic suppleness. This process is constantly being improved, but it is basically a multilevel temperature treatment. Hence the name GTM (German: Getempertes Monofil, English: tempered monofilament). At the same time we are continually improving the mix of polymers that are used. Once certain developments in process or materials have proven themselves, they flow into the production process; guaranteeing the best line that is technically possible to achieve. In this way, over the years, we have been able to adjust the refining and tuning process so that characteristics such as dynamic friction, adhesion, surface hardness, surface smoothness, elastic limit, breaking strength, minimal-load elongation, strike elongation, fighting elongation, sensibility, feed back, memory, flexibility and softness have been persistently improved. All this makes STROFT GTM the perfect fishing line whenever knot strength in combination with all the other attributes of a top quality fishing line are in demand. Special Features: Breaking strain Knot strength Suppleness We bring only world class and time tested brands into our store. We choose the quality product ranges that are essential for you and our friendly and ready to help team is always on hand to deliver advice and assistance.At we care about family values and the trust of our clients, so we provide quality products at lower prices. We hope this will inspire you live well and experience many more fishing adventures.We continue to grow – adding more carefully selected products, with the aim of creating the best possible shopping experience for you, your family and your friends. Please subscribe and follow our shop news to receive exclusive discounts available only to our existing clients.

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