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EXTREMELY POWERFUL TENSOR RING Sacred cubit Black Sun Orgone Pendant

EXTREMELY POWERFUL TENSOR RING Sacred cubit Black Sun Orgone Pendant

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Prix: 50 AUD (35.44 USD)

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100% Authentic, handmade, extremely powerful generator, orgone accumulator, Protects your magnetic field, keeps Chakras aligned, neutralizes radiation up to 20 meters. protection from toxins, negative energy and the environment and surroundings, protects against Electromagnetic Radiation. Materials: TENSOR RING Sacred Cubit, heddeka coil facing the body, Turquoise, blue howite, pink agate, Gold plated copper wire, energy flows into the body, Black Sun Orgone: Black Iron Oxide, Iron Filings, Crushed; Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Orange Calcite, Shungite, Himalayan Pink SaltComes with Black Cotton necklace, silver chain on request only. Cured to the Frequency of the Sun 126.22Hz Set with the purest loving, health,ewalth and happiness intentions <3This particular piece will enhance: communication, relationships, relieve insomnia, boost intuition, neutralises electromagnetic radiation, clear energy, re-vitalise the atmosphere, structure water and promote plant growth Why these Orgones are essential? Human beings are open energy systems. This means that we cannot shield ourselves completely from our environment. We are constantly subjected to incoming energies. They affect us whether we are aware of it or not. Therefore, it is important to transform any negative energy that comes to us into positive energy, and to enhance our the energy system of our bodies, commonly called the aura. Crystals contain a high concentration of life force because of their crystalline lattice. Organic matter and life forms also attracts orgone, or life energy, using it to create biological bodies, maintain them, and releases the energy again. Having an orgonite product in your energy field, or aura, is like having an energy transformer. It will clean up stuck or armoured energy structures in your energy field. Of course, its effectiveness also depends how old and strong the armoured energy structures are. Orgonite can be effective immediately or it might take a long time, but it is always working. When you are in an environment that emits a lot of negative energies, like in a stressful work environment, or with people who have negative emotions, Orgonite can make a big difference! Independent scientific research has shown and proven that electromagnetic signals in the radio frequency band affect the human body in a negative way. This depends, of course, on the frequency itself, its duration and its intensity. Microwaves also are especially harmful. It does not matter if they are ionizing or not, if they are heating tissue or not. The military did extensive studies, in the 1950's, that proved that microwaves were very harmful to the human body. However, commercial companies don't care about your health, and microwaves made their entry into our everyday lives. Microwave ovens were a convenience, but also a danger as they do leak microwaves of high intensity. Then came the cell phones and cell towers, and smart meters. The medical industry has proven, again and again, that cell phones damage the brain tissues, the blood-brain barrier, and lead eventually to brain tumours. Cell towers themselves are huge transmitters of microwaves. Smart meters blanket the entire neighbourhood in pulsed microwaves. Now 5G WiFi is coming out an Orgonite is essential!!

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